GA2200 Standalone HPIMS

GA2200 is a complete high performance ion mobility spectrometer (HPIMS) in a simple compact design meant for use in at-line and field applications. With the rapid separation and detection of HPIMS, the GA2200 delivers data in a matter of seconds with sensitivity and resolution comparable to that of HPLC.


The GA2200’s small size and touchscreen interface are designed for fast walk-up analysis and high throughput screening. It is ideal as a benchtop instrument in an analytical laboratory, as well as on-site in a manufacturing facility or mobile lab.

Combining electrospray ionization (ESI) with our patented high resolution IMS technology, the GA2200 can deliver HPLC-comparable performance in a shorter time with lower operation cost. The GA2200 eliminates the use of organic solvents, reducing the associated cost of disposal and making it a green technology. ESI-HPIMS is capable of analyzing a wide range of compounds including isomers and those that are chromatographically sensitive or lack a UV chromophore.

Changeable ion sources add versatility to HPIMS analysis. Liquid samples are ionized by electrospray either as a single injection or in a continuous stream from an autosampler or flow cell. A thermal desorber introduces both solid and gaseous samples into the analyzer. The GA2200 is ideal for applications that require speed, specificity, and sensitivity.



  • Compact design for use in mobile labs, manufacturing facilities, laboratory benchtop.
  • Touchscreen interface for fast and robust ion mobility data collection.
  • Changeable ion source options for electrospray ionization and thermal desorption are available for versatile introduction of solid, liquid, and gaseous samples.