MA3100 Add-on HPIMS for MS

The MA3100 is a complete HPIMS-MS solution for compound identification and structure elucidation. The HPIMS analyzer integrates with Thermo OrbitrapTM mass spectrometers, mounting on the front end of the Orbitrap system in minutes without modifying the hardware or breaking the vacuum. HPIMS provides additional separation to MS by an orthogonal mechanism, and allows the user to remove or include specific ions in the MS analyzer in order to reduce complexity and achieve targeted analysis.

The MA3100 system includes integrated software control for select Orbitrap models, allowing easy data collection and analysis. Four modes of operation give the user freedom to design experiments based on the intended goal; “open mode” provides straight MS analysis with no IMS filtering, “scan mode” generates a two-dimensional IMS-MS plot of a complex mixture, “gated mode” collects a mass spectrum of one specified ion mobility in order to reduce complexity in the mass spectrum, and “notched” mode collects a series of mass spectra for multiple ion mobilities.

This system routinely achieves resolving power of 70+, and has reached resolving power of over 100 in certain applications such as peptide separation. The system is ideal for collecting in-depth structural information, and can be used to filter contaminants out of a mass spectrum, target specific ions at low levels, enhance MS fragmentation, and isolate and examine conformational states.


  • Orthogonal separation mechanism to compliment subsequent mass analysis
  • High resolving power (≤120) ion mobility pre-filtering capability
  • Total flexibility for user defined selective mobility transmission
  • Simple interface that can be mounted or removed in minutes, requiring no hardware modifications or break in system vacuum
  • Integrated software control for select Orbitrap® models