MC3100 Compact HPIMS-MS

Excellims offers a compact ion mobility mass spectrometer system based on its proven high performance ion mobility spectrometry (HPIMSTM) in combination with a miniaturized ion trap mass spectrometer.  The MC3100 is the first small-footprint analytical system that identifies chemicals based on both ion mobility and ion mass; it offers superior isomer separation and chemical identification capability while providing chemical structure information via direct collision cross-section measurements.

Several modes of operation are available, including IMS-only, MS-only, and simultaneous IMS-MS to  produce a two dimensional mobility vs. m/z plot.

Alternatively, the IMS can be used as a prefilter for the mass spectrometer: particular mobility peaks can be selected for mass analysis, or particular mobility peaks or mobility ranges can be blocked from entering the mass spectrometer. By removing or including specific mobility-selected ions for subsequent MS and MS/MS analysis,  spectral complexity and congestion can be reduced. By enriching desirable ion populations, the MC3100 delivers added confidence in compound identification. 


  • Two dimensional chemical identification based on ion mobility library and m/z
  • Mass analysis after high resolution ion mobility separation for high speed chemical ID in seconds
  • Powerful tool for isomer analysis
  • Total flexibility for user defined ion pre-filtration prior to mass analyzer
  • Able to use a variety of sample introduction / ionization sources, including Excellims’ electrospray ionization, DirectsprayTM, and corona discharger with thermal desorption