The ability to measure a solution’s contents in real time is a huge advantage in many fields including reaction monitoring and dissolution testing. High performance IMS is ideal for these situations because samples can be analyzed in a continuous flow while the data is displayed in real time.

Excellims’ infusion electrospray source can be used to create a flow cell setup in which a sample flows from a reaction chamber through a capillary line to the electrospray needle, and into the detector. When the sample is pumped continuously into the instrument, Excellims’ VisIon software will display the data in real time. A series of averaged data points can be collected at specific desired times (as in a dissolution study) or at regular intervals to test for contamination or the creation of a product compound (as in cleaning validation or reaction monitoring).

The use of electrospray ionization makes HPIMS optimal for online monitoring. Unlike thermal desorption, which requires the use of a swab sample, electrospray allows a liquid sample to be pumped directly and continuously into the HPIMS drift tube for separation and detection. These sources are changeable; it is easy to swap the infusion electrospray source for a desorber or a directspray ionization source when the user prefers to run single samples rather than continuous flow.