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Excellims is responsible for liberating advanced ion mobility technology from expensive integrated ion mobility mass spectrometry instruments, bringing the power of high-performance IMS technology to chemical detection for a range of critical applications

The company holds over 60 patents in IMS, MS and related technologies and has been in business since 2005.

Strategic focus on Chemical Detection for Critical Applications

We have a laser sharp focus on one thing only, making us the undisputed specialists in high performance ion mobility spectrometry. Excellims products bring significant cost savings in pharma manufacturing and improve the practicality in clinical diagnostics. Some of our instruments are designed specifically for applications in regulated markets. With our HPIMS technology, users can be sure that they will be compliant.

Excellims Corporation has its headquarters in Greater Boston, Massachusetts. For more information regarding the company, please contact us at

"Excellims fills a unique role in analytical chemistry and measurement science instrumentation, providing high-performance ion mobility instruments that interface directly with mass spectrometry systems. Those instruments open the doors to a remarkably wide range of applications. In my experience, the experience and technical capabilities of the Excellims team have made ion mobility available to a broader audience, who would otherwise not have access due to cost or skills limitations."

Rick Yost


Excellims 60+ patents image

Excellims 60+ patents

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Excellims scientists the experts in IMS technology

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Trusted Strategic Partner to Industry-Leaders

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