Directspray A Simplified Electrospray Ionization (ESI) Source

High Performance Ion Mobility Spectrometry: It all starts with sample introduction!

With Excellims' ESI source, IMS sample introduction is no longer limited to volatile compounds only.  Excellims offers the only commercial standalone IMS on the market with ESI.  The need to introduce a wider array of sample types drove Excellims to innovate.  With ESI, you can now introduce chemicals and biologics of all sizes and chemical properties and get a specific analysis in seconds. Directspray enables one step liquid sampling and avoids sample carry over issues in routine analysis.    

Superior Analytical Performance

Superior Analytical Performance

High Performance Ion Mobility Spectrometry (HPIMS)

Superior Analytical Performance

HPIMS delivers resolution as good as HPLC, and analysis as fast as HPLC.  Ion mobility spectrometers historically lack the performance specifications required by many analytical labs for routine analysis.  With a resolution greater than 70 and sensitivity down to the single ppb (ng/mL) level HPIMS brings the speed of IMS into the hands of the analytical scientist.  In the lab, in the field or on the production floor, HPIMS technology can significantly enhance your detection capabilities. With the robustness of IMS and performance beyond some of the miniaturized mass spec, HPIMS is the device of choice at point of analysis. 

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True "gold standard" analytical technique for point of analysis.

HPIMS - Mass Spectrometry

HPIMS-MS takes your analyses to a second dimension.  Using our proprietary linear ion trap mass spectrometry, HPIMS-MS brings detection and confirmation capabilities to the point of need.  Mass confirmation allows for confidence on the front lines of detection.  This next generation technology will improve the current state of fieldable detection of chemicals and biologics.  Benefiting from the robustness of fieldable HPIMS, HPIMS – MS can provide a high fidelity two-dimensional analysis in less than 1 minute.

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