High Performance Ion Mobility Spectrometry for A Range of Applications

HPIMS technology can be deployed for a range of applications. Excellims has packaged the technology into three instruments depending on the needs of the user.

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There are many applications in the pharmaceutical industry that can benefit from the power of ion mobility spectrometry, but have not had access to the technique due to cost and performance limitations. Excellims has addressed this challenge with its HPIMS instruments for:

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Trace Detection

Detecting and identifying harmful drugs like fentanyl is critical for law enforcement and regulatory agencies today.  These drugs pose a threat to both users and those trying to protect and serve.  HPIMS offers rapid detect and confirm capability for both lab and field.

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Clinical Diagnostics

High performance Ion mobility spectrometry is a non-invasive and reliable research-use-only solution for clinical diagnostics through the analysis of volatile metabolites and biomarkers in biological samples such as breath, urine, blood, faeces.

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Food and Drug Safety

HPIMS has been long established in the security industry because it is fast, robust, and transportable. These same qualities make it advantageous for on-site food and drug screening.

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Research & Analysis

The benefits of multi-dimensional IMS separations are well known to researchers (fast, sensitive analyses, and when added to techniques such as mass spec, turbo-charged results). However, new mass spectrometers featuring IMS are cost prohibitive. Excellims is enabling labs to incorporate ion mobility spectrometry into their existing analytical toolkit at a fraction of the cost previously possible with its HPIMS module.

  • Isomer Separation
  • Measuring Conformational Structure Change in Molecules
  • Proteomics and Metabolomics Studies


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