Ion mobility spectrometry offers accurate and rapid chemical characterization to scientists within the chemical and petrochemical industries.

  • Fast and accurate chemical analysis of petroleum
  • Characterization of fuel composition
  • Chemical reaction control 
  • Optimization of chemical reactions

HPIMS can save time and money, while providing a greater degree of understanding of what is in your sample, versus more traditional analytical techniques.

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Chemical Analysis of Petroleum

Fast and Accurate Analysis of Complex Mixtures
Analyzing the composition of complex mixtures like petroleum can be hard even with ultra high mass resolution instruments. It has been challenging, for example, to identify the presence of true isobaric species with existing techniques. By adding the ability to separate ions based on their unique gas phase structure to mass spectrometry analyses, greatly increases overall peak capacity. High-performance ion mobility spectrometry (HPIMS), when added to your existing mass spectrometer, quickly and accurately detects target molecules.

Historically, IMS was an integrated feature of an expensive mass spectrometer (often making it cost prohibitive). The recent generation of instruments are also labor-intensive resulting in the power of Ion Mobility Spectrometry being out of reach to many.

HPIMS removes the need to purchase an expensive mass spec with integrated IMS via a module that can be added to your existing instrument, making the technique financially accessible to a wider audience. 

Learn how to add HPIMS to your existing mass spec

Chemical Reaction Monitoring

Why do Reaction Monitoring?
The control and optimization of chemical reactions is a critical process in the chemical industry. The speed of high performance ion mobility spectrometry is a huge advantage over traditional analytical methods for reaction monitoring. An LC run can take up to an hour, rendering the collected data obsolete. It may show, for example, that ten minutes ago the reaction was 80% to completion. HPIMS, in contrast, produces data within a minute of sample collection.

Excellims’ Electrospray source allows for direct sample injection off of a syringe; a process chemist can draw a few microliters out of a reaction vessel and directly insert the syringe into the instrument for immediate analysis. 

HPIMS expedites decision-making for medicinal or process chemists.

Learn more about the GA for reaction monitoring

High performance ion mobility spectrometry has many benefits for a range of chemicals and petrochemical applications

It can:

  • Save time and money
  • Provide a greater degree of understanding of what is in your sample versus more traditional analytical techniques
  • Provide additional performance to your mass spectrometry workflows
  • Add an alternative tool to your toolbox


Integrated HPIMS-MS

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Lab-Based Detection

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