Clinical Diagnostics

HPIMS* and HPIMS-MS* have the performance of a lab-based HPLC-MS and IMS-MS, providing multi-dimensional chemical analysis in a portable instrument.

*HPIMS and HPIMS-MS* is currently for research use only

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The Need for Portable and Low Cost Technologies for Clinical Diagnostics

Ion mobility is a non-invasive and reliable solution for clinical diagnostics through the analysis of volatile and non-volatile metabolites and other biomarkers  in biological samples such as breath, urine, blood, faeces. The medical diagnostics industry has been calling for non-invasive, robust, secure, fast, real-time, and low-cost methods to diagnose different diseases. Specifically they require these capabilities in a high sensitivity and compact instrument that can be operated by non-experts.

Mass Spectrometry in Clinical Diagnostics

Mass spectrometry-based in vitro diagnostics have been adopted in routine clinical practices, and more are expected to be approved in the near future. The ultra-high sensitivity, specificity, speed of analyses make this technology highly powerful in disease detection and therapy monitoring. Coupling this with the separation power of ion mobility and the portability of HPIMS promises a diagnostic tool that satisfies the needs of the clinical diagnostics industry

High Performance Ion Mobility Spectrometry in Clinical Diagnostics

Currently, users must purchase a lab based HPLC-MS or IMS-MS for clinical diagnostics.  Along with high cost, the laboratory systems require highly trained professional operators. HPIMS combines ambient pressure high performance ion mobility technology with a patented intelligent vacuum system. The MC3100 is an integrated ion mobility-MS instrument with high ion mobility resolution compared to common HPLC and better than unit mass resolution in a small footprint, bringing the technique to the point of care, and into the hands of operators who need the highest quality chemical detection where it is needed most. 

Excellims’ MC3100 portable IMS-MS is an instrument for Research-Use-Only in clinical diagnostics.

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