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High performance ion mobility spectrometry offers a unique cutting edge analytical tool for your research. HPIMS provides a new dimension of chemical separation based on gas phase ion mobility, and  has already been installed in academic research labs, national labs, and industrial R&D labs worldwide.

Why wait until you upgrade your mass spectrometer, to get the benefit of IMS, when you can quickly and cost effectively add the technique to your existing mass spec?

Read on for details of some of the many applications the technology has been used for.

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Isomer Separation

Researchers need to differentiate between isomers to ensure drug safety and efficacy. 

High performance IMS-MS can be used to separate structural isomers, a huge advantage in many stages of pharmaceutical development. 

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Measuring Conformational Structure Change in Molecules

Molecules, specifically proteins can change shape under environmental conditions. This can have an affect on drug safety and performance. Combining HPIMS with a soft ionization source, ions are separated by their size and shape giving researchers the ability to study slight structural differences in molecular ions. Measured collision cross sections can be used to illustrate conformational changes of the molecules.

Proteomics and Metabolomics Studies

Mass spectrometry (MS) based technologies are commonly used to quantify peptides, proteins and metabolites. The technology therefore plays a crucial role in the discovery of new candidate biomarkers. However, despite significant advances, these technologies remain challenged by complex samples. HPIMS, when coupled with mass spec has proven to be a useful technique for increasing the dynamic range and uncovering low-level proteins of potential interest.


High performance ion mobility spectrometry has many benefits for analytical labs:

  • High-resolution separation of complex samples
  • Optimize your existing investment in mass spectrometry, by adding HPIMS to unlock even more detection power
  • Easy to Use
  • Cost Effective

Excellims has designed a HPIMS module specifically for researchers who want to add IMS to their existing analytical workflow without investing in a new IMS-mass spectrometer

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