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Vision Software

Excellims VisIon software package gives the user complete control over HPIMS instrument operation and data analysis. This easy-to-use, Windows-based software package includes VisIon for instrument control and data acquisition, plus VisIon Analysis for processing and analyzing data after collection.

VisIon operation software lets the user control all instrument settings for easy optimization and simple operation. 

VisIon Analysis software translates data acquired through VisIon into an easy to manipulate format.

Vision Software

Full 21 CFR part 11 software for GMP compliance

VisionControl for the GA2200 is fully 21 CFR part 11 compliant. It offers several hierarchical user levels with individual log-ins, full tamper protection for methods and data, electronic signatures and a comprehensive, searchable audit trail. Lab managers can create an unlimited number of analytical methods, finalize them and make them available for use by analysts in a QC or production environment. This also includes operation of a CTC autosampler.

[Read about our GMP compliant HPIMS analyzer, the GA2200]

Key Features of the Vision Software:

  • Complete data acquisition and analysis.
  • Complete control of instrument settings and operation, built in touch screen operation available with GA2200.
  • Build user-defined custom libraries that automatically identify compounds of interest.
  • Analysis software allows the user to integrate peaks, overlay spectra, and build calibration curves. Data can be exported into commonly accepted formats.

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