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HPIMS Module for Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry: Multi-dimensional separation for analytical laboratory applications

The benefits of coupling Ion Mobility with Mass Spectrometry are well known. Many new mass specs now integrate ion mobility technology into their instruments. Why wait until you upgrade your mass spectrometer, to get the benefit of IMS, when you can quickly and cost effectively add the technique to your existing mass spec?

High Performance Ion Mobility MS: Unlocking deep insight into the analysis of complex samples for all.

High Performance Ion Mobility MS: Unlocking deep insight into the analysis of complex samples for all.

HPIMS enables ion mobility to be added to a lab for the fraction of the cost of a new integrated IMS-mass spectrometer. The MA3100 is an independent HPIMS module that integrates with the Thermo Orbitrap, linear ion trap mass spectrometers and other mass spectrometers.

IMS Technology of Choice to Thermo Fisher Scientific

IMS Technology of Choice to Thermo Fisher Scientific

Excellims’ HPIMS module has been chosen by industry-leader Thermo Fisher Scientific, as the ion mobility interface for its Orbitrap and other mass spectrometers. The MA3100 enhances mass spectrometry by increasing versatility, simplifying complex spectra, and allowing targeted analysis of gas phase ions.

"The HPIMS addition to the OrbitrapTM-based instruments will assist our customers to selectively introduce their target ions into the mass spectrometer, and to obtain ion collision cross section information. We are excited about the experimental flexibility of this pre-separation method"

Dr. Alexander Makarov Director of Global Research, Life Science Mass Spectrometry, Thermo Scientific.

Watch how you can add HPIMS to your Mass Spec in 30 seconds

Our application scientist Julia gives a quick demonstration on how easy it is to add an MA3100 to a Q Exactive Orbitrap - it literally takes only seconds. For more information, please visit: www.excellims.com

Key Features of the MA3100 High Performance Ion Mobility Module for Mass Spectrometry:

  • High-resolution separation of complex samples
    • IMS add-on for mass spectrometers for isomer differentiation, 2D confirmation and CCS measurements
    • High resolving power (60 - 110) ion mobility pre-filtering capability
  • Optimize your existing investment in mass spectrometry, by adding HPIMS to unlock even more detection power
    • Total flexibility in IMS-MS experiments with dual ion gates and four operating modes
    • Amenable for complex samples with low-abundance compounds of interest
  • Easy to Use
    • Mounts to MS in under 30 seconds without modification or break in vacuum (see video)
    • Integrated software control for select Orbitrap® models
  • Cost Effective
    • HPIMS enables ion mobility to be cost-effectively added to a lab 

Facundo M Fernandez on IMS-MS (Thermo / Excellims)

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