Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry

High performance IMS achieves chemical separation with high resolving power (R > 70) and sensitivity while only needing 30 seconds for a typical analysis. Combined with electrospray ionization, HPIMS can detect and quantify a wide range of analytes without a need for complex column selection or maintenance. HPIMS thus presents a fast alternative for many routine applications typically addressed by HPLC, including:

  •  Cleaning validation
  •  Reaction monitoring
  •  Dissolution studies

HPIMS can also be used to separate structural isomers, a huge advantage in many stages of pharmaceutical development. The addition of HPIMS to orthogonal methods such as HPLC or MS adds versatility to a lab’s analytical toolkit, providing valuable information about molecular structure and enabling 2D confirmation. 

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Dr. Frederick Antosz presents pharmaceutical applications of HPIMS at Pittcon:

(Please see applications sections for individual application notes.)

Cleaning validation





The GA2200 is a complete high performance ion mobility spectrometer (HPIMS) in a simple compact design meant for easy fieldability. With the rapid separation and detection of HPIMS, the GA2100 ...

The MA3100 is a high performance IMS add-on for mass spectrometers. Replacing the regular ion source in under 30 seconds, the MA3100 provides high resolution IMS analysis ...