Dissolution studies measure the rate at which a drug compound gets absorbed into the body. This information is vital for drug development because the dissolution rate determines when the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) reaches its target location and becomes active in the body.

High performance IMS is a great alternative to IR or UV detection for dissolution studies because it is both versatile and specific. While some APIs lack UV chromophores or are difficult to distinguish from a tablet’s excipients by IR probes, HPIMS can separate, detect, and quantify APIs and excipients in a nearly immediate time frame with resolution comparable to HPLC.

HPIMS has the ability to run on-line as a continuous monitoring system. It could be integrated with a dissolution reaction vessel so as to display the progress of a dissolution in near real time; a small amount of solution diverted to an electrospray needle would ionize and enter the detector in a constant stream, generating instantaneous data that can be viewed and saved at the desired intervals for quantification.