Reaction monitoring is a critical step in drug development as new formulations are created and processes are optimized. It is critical for the process chemist to check the status of a reaction as quickly as possible, in order to avoid quenching it before completion or letting it run for longer than necessary.

The speed of HPIMS is a huge advantage over chromatographic methods for reaction monitoring. An LC run often takes several minutes to an hour, which means that by the time data is collected the information is already out of date. It may show, for example, that ten minutes ago the reaction was 80% to completion. On the other hand, HPIMS can produce data within a minute of sample collection.

Excellims’ Directspray source allows for direct sample injection off of a syringe; a chemist can draw a few microliters out of a reaction vessel and directly insert the syringe into the instrument for immediate analysis. Alternately, the infusion electrospray source can be used in a flow cell setup where a small portion of sample is being injected into the HPIMS detector as a continuous stream for online monitoring.