Food And Beverage Production

Chemical analysis is essential at every stage of food and beverage development, production, and distribution. Formulation development, quality control, on-site testing, and contaminant screening are routinely carried out at R&D facilities, factories, and distribution centers. The speed and versatility of HPIMS and its ability to be used in the field make it an ideal candidate for many of these analyses.

A significant portion of food and beverage analysis involves detection of contaminants, for example illegal dyes or plasticizers. HPIMS quickly screens samples for compounds included in its user-created library, and can alert an inspector to their presence.

Quality control and formulation development usually involve quantification of components. Many of these, such as amino acids or sugars, are difficult to fully separate by common LC methods and usually require speciality columns and methods with long run times. HPIMS offers an alternative; the IA3100 HPLC-HPIMS system allows the user to shorten LC methods for a partial separation, and then complete that separation instantaneously by HPIMS

Watch the sample prep and analysis of melamine in a milk sample:


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