Food & Drug Safety Testing

A robust, sensitive, and fieldable method, high performance ion mobility spectrometry is ideal for the detection of counterfeit drugs and contaminated food. These same qualities have given IMS a long history in the security industry as an explosive detector, and it has proven to be just as effective for rapid detection of unwanted compounds in food and drugs.

Speed is the largest advantage of HPIMS for food and drug safety; these are applications in which quick analysis is essential in order to catch problems as soon as they occur. The compact size of the GA2100 standalone HPIMS instrument makes it ideal for use on-site or in a mobile lab. A user-created library feature allows for automated screening of common contaminants. Whether it be illegal dyes or a known carcinogenic by-product of production, HPIMS is being used to reliably detect compounds that are dangerous for public health.






Bolt-on spectrometer for a complete HPLC/UPLC system