On-site inspection of food and drug products is critical for consumer safety. Frequent testing at a manufacturing facility ensures that the products being made are viable, and inspection of products as they enter ports or supermarkets is critical for public safety. Illegal dyes, sweeteners, or other dangerous additives must be tested for as quickly as possible, often in locations outside of a laboratory setting.

HPIMS has been long established in the security industry because it is fast, robust, and transportable. These same qualities make it advantageous for on-site inspection of food and beverages. It’s compact size allows it to be wheeled around a facility on a cart or used in a mobile lab; it requires no extra solvents, vacuum pumps, or tubing. Analyses can be completed in under one minute by direct sample injection off of a syringe into the Directspray source or off of a swab into the thermal desorber.