Mounted within seconds in place of the regular ion source, the MA3100 enables shape analysis in petrochemical mixtures

Ion mobility analysis reveals the size and shape of molecules. Separating compounds by shape in addition to m/z uncovers additional patterns in complex samples like trend lines and groups of structurally similar compounds. This allows for both rapid typification of samples regarding e.g. origin, degree of processing or contamination, as well as in-depth characterization of compound groups and the visualization of isomers. Click on the images below for some examples:


To learn more, please download the petroleomics sample spectra and application note or contact our sales & applications department. 

MA3100 HPIMS Add-on for Mass Spectrometers

The MA3100 is a complete HPIMS-MS solution for compound identification and structure elucidation. The HPIMS analyzer integrates with Thermo OrbitrapTM mass spectrometers, ...

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