High performance ion mobility spectrometry offers a unique cutting edge analytical tool for your research. Among other analytical separation methods, HPIMS provides a new dimension of chemical separation based on gas phase ion mobility. Combined with a soft ionization source, ions are separated by their size and shape giving researchers the ability to study slight structural differences in molecular ions. Measured collision cross sections can be used to illustrate conformational changes of the molecules.

Hyphenated HPLC-HPIMS and HPIMS-MS systems create even more powerful instruments for complex samples, such as in proteomics and metabolomics studies. Either standalone or combined with HPLC or MS, HPIMS has true advantages in speed and for the separation of conformers, isobars, and isomers. HPIMS has already been installed in academic research labs, national labs, and industrial R&D labs worldwide.



Bolt-on spectrometer for a complete HPLC/UPLC system