Excellims develops and manufactures high performance ion mobility spectrometers.  High performance IMS has significantly improved resolution and linear response range over older IMS technology; HPIMS reaches resolving power of 60+ with linear response range of 2-3 orders of magnitude.  The improved resolving power is comparable to that of HPLC, and has brought ion mobility spectrometry into application areas that have been historically dominated by chromatographic methods.

Excellims’ GA2200 HPIMS is a compact fieldable instrument that can be used on-site in a manufacturing facility or mobile lab, as well as a benchtop tool in a research setting.  It adds to the capability of any analytical laboratory by allowing for rapid separation of molecular ions based on their shape as well as their size.  Hyphenated systems such as the IA3100 HPLC-HPIMS and the MA3100 HPIMS-MS are meant for versatile analysis of complex samples and in-depth examination of molecular structures.

Excellims offers changeable ion sources for electrospray ionization and thermal desorption.  The only commercially available electrospray sources for IMS, Excellims’ electrospray sources accommodate the direct injection of a liquid sample and allow for analysis of nonvolatile compounds.

Two different electrospray sources are offered depending on the desired sampling technique: the Directspray source injects a sample directly from an inserted syringe and is the fastest method, while the infusion source injects a constant sample stream from an autosampler, HPLC instrument, or reaction vessel.   The sources are easily swapped in under one minute, and can also be exchanged for the thermal desorber on the same instrument.