GA2200 Standalone HPIMS

The GA2200 is a standalone high performance ion mobility spectrometer with a compact design for laboratory, at-line and field applications. Combining the sensitivity and simplicity of IMS with a resolving power of 70 or higher it produces high quality spectra of chemical mixtures within 30 - 60 seconds of acquisition time. It offers a fast alternative for routine analysis tasks typically handled by HPLC, like cleaning validation, reaction monitoring, isomer separation, QC testing or food and drug screening.

Additional advantages of the GA2200 include rapid, straightforward method development, near complete elimination or solvent consumption and low instrument maintenance. While typically combined with ESI (electrospray ionization), the GA2200 can also adapter for solid and gas samples. To learn more, please check the sections below or reach out to one of our application specialists!

  • Chemical analysis with HPLC-like performance in 15-60 seconds
  • Drift time analysis by shape and size enables separation of isomers and coeluting compounds
  • 2-3 x higher separation power than regular ion mobility devices (HPIMS resolving power 70-120)
  • Wide range of applicability, including non-volatiles, through use of electrospray ionization (ESI)
  • Minimal sample preparation and no need for large quantities of solvents
  • Analysis of liquid, solid and gas samples with electrospray, thermal desorber and GC-inlet source options
  • Compact design: 18.5 x 16 x 18.4 inches, 42 lbs (47 x 41 x 47 cm, 19 kg), enabling use at-line or in the field
  • Available in manual version or with fully integrated CTC autosampler

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