MA3100 Add-on HPIMS for MS

The MA3100 is a complete IMS-MS solution for 2D-compound identification and structure elucidation based on highly resolved linear drift tube IMS. It readily integrates with Thermo OrbitrapTM and linear ion trap mass spectrometers, providing IMS-MS capabilities for isomer separation, 2D identification, visual fingerprints of complex mixtures and CCS measurements. 

Mounted on the front end of the mass spectrometer in place of the regular ion source, the MA3100 can be added to your system in under 30 seconds (see video below), without break in vacuum. It routinely achieves resolving powers of 70+ and allows for advanced techniques (e.g. liquid modifiers) to further enhance separation. Multiple analysis modes - MS-only, IMS-only, IMS-filtering and 2D IMS-MS mapping - give the user complete freedom in designing experiments to identify molecules / isomers based on their drift time, to exclude unwanted ions from entering into the trap, to scan for conformers and compare collisional cross sections, or to characterize complex mixtures by breaking them up into multiple trendlines.

Please contact us for more details or a demonstration on your samples!

  • IMS add-on for mass spectrometers for isomer differentiation, 2D confirmation and CCS measurements
  • High resolving power (70 - 120) ion mobility pre-filtering capability
  • Total flexibility in IMS-MS experiments with dual ion gates and four operating modes
  • Mounts to MS in under 30 seconds without modification or break in vacuum (see video)
  • Integrated software control for select Orbitrap® models

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