IA3100 is a novel combination of high performance ion mobility spectrometry (HPIMS) and high performance liquid chromatography. HPIMS coupled with HPLC provides an orthogonal separation that enhances the systems’ ability to fully separate complex samples, especially those that contain isomers, coeluting peaks, or compounds that lack UV chromophores.

This integrated system consists of a post column HPIMS detector in-line with the user’s choice of HPLC instrumentation. A sample run through the IA3100 system produces a two dimensional plot, with LC retention time on the y-axis and HPIMS drift time on the x-axis:

The HPIMS detector can be integrated with any LC system; it complements or serves as a replacement for an existing LC detector. As HPIMS provides additional separation, HPLC run times can often be reduced to achieve a partial separation in the column which is then completed in milliseconds by ion mobility. The IA3100 is ideal for applications that require reduced run times, involve complex matrices, or contain compounds that are difficult to detect by traditional HPLC-UV.


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  • Combines orthogonal separation methods of HPLC and HPIMS for two-dimensional analysis.
  • Great for complex mixtures, isomers, and compounds with similar shape or polarity.
  • Enables HPLC analysis of coeluting compounds without changing columns or altering established methods.